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Since 1997 when the company ‘BO-JA ART’ has been founded and started working in Zagreb up to present days,  it has always been at disposal to other companies,   clients  as well as to all individual parties when it comes to the area of interior decoration,  inner design.
We are also occupied with the production of different component parts made of INOX and brass materials intended for interior decoration.
Our crew of specialists advises professionally, organizes theoretically and works out different plans for living spaces, working offices, for catering industry and hotels’ purposes. The work could be limited only to advising and counseling together with drawing up a plan how to rearrange the existing buildings or spaces, or it could be completed according to the all inclusive system – from drawing up a plan to moving in.

In order to give necessary advices with required quality and to draw up plans, our professionals come to the site of the building which is undergoing refit or to a completely new building site. They make notes about and photograph the existing building condition, after which they start with working out the whole project according to the clients’ own wishes, and afterwards they give advices in order to achieve the harmony of design and functionality of the whole space itself.

Within the all inclusive system, apart from working out all the necessary project documentation and counseling, our experts take over the supervision, find and recommend qualified and established building specialists. It is all done according to the previously completed project documentation up to the finalization of the building itself.
The company ‘BO-JA ART’ completes and equips all its projects in a highly professional way so that all its clients could enjoy themselves there and feel there extremely comfortable.


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