Interior Design

Do you live  in a house, in an apartment or in garconniēre?

It comes to the same thing!

Your home is a space where you can play  lord over your sorrounding.
It is important that  after closing your home entrance door  you can  totaly relax in  environment  that reflects your personality and way of life.
You will want to furnish it according  your  individual taste, but consulting interior designer can help you  acheive  harmony and shape on every square meter of your own space.
It appears that in long term such approach is better and cheaper that buying separate pieces of furniture and equippment you will later on realize it doesn’t fitt together in your home interior.
While buying, removing or during adaptation of existing residence so many times  essential elements are disregarded – for example: the visitor catches an outside glimpse of the house, while a nice look from the inside on  garden or balcony would  embellish the very interior. A terrace or a winter garden are performing a connection between outer and inside space.


While observing your  environment look at the colour spectrum. Is there a harmony between the colour of furniture, courtains, drapery and the flour covering? Are the passages blocked? Does  disposal furniture for various objects look nice and is it practical? Observing  space in such a way makes discover advantages and failures pointing out and suggesting how to make things better.
Every room in your home should have the same importance. The kitchen, often the center of family life, has to be functional and adjusted but at the same time agreeable, so that time spent working there by the stove would not look like slavery. Just the same applies to  bathrooms with their special demanding, balancing between commodity and watter resistance degree.


I would like to draw once again your attention to colours and lighting. Colour is powerfull and can create different atmosphere and various effects in your home. Cold colours – blue, grey, green – are relaxing, but in a dark room they will create an impression of coldness and sterility. Warm colours as red, orange and yellow are  best choice for rooms with spare sunlight and in rooms you wish to create  wellcomming and warm atmosphere.
Surfaces and simple walls painted neutrally are excellent backgrounds for outstanding, eye catching piece of furniture. In the same way  high ceiling painted in dark colour will create an impression of being lower. Visualization can bring the walls  closer or separated: by using dark colours on oposite walls the room will seem narrow.


On the contrary, by using dark colour on the last wall of a narrow long room and brighter colour on the lateral walls will help  make the room look wider, more spacious. The pattern on the walls, ceilings and floors will also make the colour framework additionaly appear interesting, either when in harmony with general effect or when serving as a contrast.  Illumination must be also seriously considerd. Some rooms like working study, kitchen or staircase must have bright lighting while places for relaxation  such as living room or bedroom need a lower light level.


Illumination will just the same influence the impression made by colours. Red colour looking under day light as warm and attractive can  look very harsh under artificial light. The key of succes of every illumination framework must obey  two criteria:  illuminate where it is necessary and make the room  look better by creating balanced mix of light and shadow.


The space “exists” only after someone lives in it and bringing into it little details cherished only by you  is a simple way to reach this goal. A comfortable and mantained home will make life better and will create the feeling of benevolence and well-being.

Create for yourself an inspiring environment.


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